Philips Cartomatic III Tool

Disclaimer:Although all efforts were made to create a flawless database it can never be ruled out that it contains no errors. Therefore this tool is provided "as is". By using this tool you accept the fact that I can not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your tester or valves when using Cartomatic test cards that were created based on the information provided by this tool.

Lookup testcard layout

Use this option if you are looking for the layout for a certain testcard
Currently the database holds 1272 testcards that can be used to test 1934 valve types.
If a valve is in the database this tool will list:
  • Testcard layout
  • Testcard label
  • Socket pinout
  • Adaptor photo
  • Tester setup
  • Enter valve type

    Identify unknown card

    If you have a test card that has lost its label you can do a reverse lookup in the database.

    General information

    Section with additional information about the Cartomatic series test equipment GM7629, GM7630 and GM7633.
    Here you will find an overview of the adaptors that have to be used to test valves that don't have a P-base
    There is also "do it yourself" information about how to make the required adaptors.
    Last but not least all documentation I was able to get about the Cartomatic series testers is stored here for download
    Note: If the documentation is not listed here then I don't have it, so don't bother asking.

    Database status

    Testcard data missing for:
    5Z4GT, EBF81, VR122,
    VT20, VR135, VT501, CV5, VU72,
    VT79, CV65, VT127, VR136, VR137
    ARP12 and VR99

    If you have any of the testcard data, please send me a scan so I can add it to the database

    Photos missing:Adaptors GM7631-27 and GM7631-41

    If you have photos of original adaptors please send them to me and I will add them to the info page.


    The database was filled with the help of some fellow Radio collectors and Cartomatic III users listed below.

    Hugo Sneyers
    Maarten Gudde
    Hessel de Greeuw
    Rob Bijman
    Walter van der Eyken

    Without them I don't know if I ever would have finished copying the 61 pages from the Cartomatic card reference book into Excel so the data could be 'easily' imported into the database.

    I also like to thank the people and organisations below for providing documentation and information:
    Frank Philipse
    Henk Vocks
    Jaap Wolterson
    John Kik
    Jacques Hermans
    Philips Museum Eindhoven
    Thomas Nickel
    John Hupse

    (c) 2004-2021 M. Huizinga