Brand Philips
Type B0X15U
Source: Gerard's Radio Corner    
Name Philitina 1
Year 1960
Power AC/DC (110-127-220V) 43W
Bands MW (185-585 m / 512-1621 kHz)
IF 1 452 KHz
Cabinet Moulded (plastic probably); yellow spray on black material
Size 26 x 14 x 14 cm
Weight 1,5 kg
Controls Tuning, On/Volume
Speaker AD2400Z
Price Fl 67,-
Tubes UCH81 (osc./mixer)
UBF80 (IF Stage and detection)
UCL82 (AF stages)
UY89 (rectifier)
Notes This was probably the cheapest radio that could be bought in 1961; probably people used it in the kitchen or the bedroom. It is transformerless, and has a single-piece moulded cabinet and only four tubes. Components are mounted on a printed circuit board. An interesting technicality: tuning is inductive, that is, by varying the inductance of the coil in the tuning circuit.
Data source Gerard's Radio Corner
Service documentationThe service documentation can be downloaded from Radiotechniek en Restauratie

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