Brand Philips
Type B0X19U
Source: Stephan's radioverzameling Source: Nostalgische Radios Source: Nostalgische Radios
Name Philitina 1
Year 1961
Power 110-127-220VAC 43W
Bands 185-580m
IF 1 452 KHz
Cabinet plastic
Size 26,2 x 13,8 x 14,2 cm
Controls On/Volume, Tuning
Speaker AD1400
Tubes UCH81 (osc./mixer)
UBF80 (IF-Amplifier and detection)
UCL82 (AF Stage)
UY89 (rectifier)
Notes Gerard Tel wonders if his B0X15U was the cheapest Philips radio of 1961, well I think that this one wasn't expensive too. It features only MW reception and is equipped with 'U'-type tubes. The advantage of this design being the absence of a power transfomer is fully surpassed by the disadvantages like hum and hazardous servicing(the chassis can be directly coupled to the 220V mains).
Data source Elwin de Jong
Service documentationThe service documentation can be downloaded from Radiotechniek en Restauratie

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