Brand Philips
Type B3X42A
Source: Otto's radio en TV museum    
Year 1964
Power 110-127-145-165-220-245 VAC 42W
Bands LW: 750-2000 m , MW: 190-580 m , FM: 87,5-108 MHz
Cabinet Wood
Size 24 x 43 x 20 cm
Controls Volume, Tone, FM Tuning, AM Tuning, Radio Compas, 4 Switches (Power, MW, LW, FM)
Speaker AD3460M (5 Ohm 3W)
Tubes ECC85 HF Amp and Mixer FM
ECH81 Osci;ator and Mixer AM and IF FM Amp
EF85 IF Amp. AM and FM
ECL86 LF Stage
EZ80 Rectifier
Semiconductors 2x AA119 (detector FM), OA85 (detector FM)
Dial 8045D
Service documentationThe service documentation can be downloaded from Radiotechniek en Restauratie

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