Brand Philips
Type B4G17U
Year 1963
Power 200-250 VAC/DC 60W
Bands MW: 188-569 m
LW: 1090-2000 m
FM: 87.5 - 100 MHz
Cabinet Wood
Size 54 x 26.5 x 21.6 cm
Weight 10 x 16 cm Eliptical
Tubes UCC85 (AM: n/a FM: RF amp and mixer)
UCH81 (AM: Mixer FM: 1st. IF amp)
UF89 (AM: IF amp FM: 2nd IF amp)
UABC80 (AM: det, AGC, AF amp FM: Ratio det, AF amp)
UL84 (Output)
UY85 (rectifier)
Dial 8097D

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