Brand Philips
Type B4X23A
Source: Otto's radio en TV museum Source: Ben van der Eng Source: Ben van der Eng
Year 1962
Power 110-127-145-220 VAC
Bands LW 800-2000 m
MW 200-550 m
SW 16-51 m
FM 87.5-104Mc
Cabinet Wood and Plastic
Size 223 x 55 x 21 cm
Controls Volume,Tuning FM,Tuning LW,MW,SW, 9 switches (Power, SW, LW, MW, FM, 4x Tone)
Speaker AD3500M (5 Ohm
Tubes ECC85 FM hf-amplifier and mixer
ECH81 AM-mixer, FM if-amplifier and mixer
EF85 IF-amplifier
EABC80 Detector, AF-amplifier
EL84 AF-outputstage
EZ80 Rectifier
EM80 Tuning-indicator
Dial 8024N-71
Notes This is a Philips 'plano'. This was a cabinet layout that Philips introduced in 1955. Rob Krabbedam Has a large collection of this particulary kind of Philips radio. Typically for this cabinet style is that the speakers are located on the sides. The cabinet could therefore be low wich was appreciated by customers. Servicemen with big hands were a little less enthousiastic.
Data source Elwin de Jong
Service documentationThe service documentation can be downloaded from Radiotechniek en Restauratie

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