Brand Philips
Type B5X63A
Year 1956
Power 110-127-145-165-220-240 VAC 70W
Bands LW 800-2000 m
MW 200-550 m
SW 16-51 m
FM 87.5-104Mc
IF 1 452 KHz
IF 2 10,7 MHz
Cabinet Wood
Size 24.7 x 61,5 x 42,3 cm
Controls Low tone, High tone, Volume, Tuning, Pushbuttons: OFF, PU, LW, MW, SW, FM
Speaker AD3500AMS and 9748A
Tubes FM Mixer ECC85
AM Mixer, FM MF-Amplifier ECH81
MF-Amp EF89
MF-Amp EF85
Detector and LF-amplifier EABC80
Output EL84
Output EL86
Tuning-indicator EM80
Rectifier EZ80
Dial 2 x 8024N-778
Notes Yet another example of a very characteristic Philips mid-fifties radio. It's outputstage is interesting because it features a series-balanced output stage without using an output transformer. This principle is used on various other Philips designs. See for an extensive description of the series- balanced outputstage Gerard's Radio Corner
Data source Elwin de Jong
Service documentationThe service documentation can be downloaded from Radiotechniek en Restauratie

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