Brand Philips
Type B6CA57A-01
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Pandu Rajan    
Year 1966
Power 55 W
Bands SW: 3 Band Spread Bands- 19m,25m & 31m
SW1: 11.41m-17m
SW2: 40m-136m
IF 1 452 KHz
Cabinet Wood
Controls Top -Press Button Tone- Speech, Mellow, P.U., Tape Rec, Band Width, Bottom -- Bass, Volume with Main Switch, Press Button Bands - MW,SW2,SW1,31m, 25m, 19m, Tuning, Treble
Speaker AD3800 X- Z=5 Ohm, AD3700AM- 800 Ohms
Price Rs1100
Dial 2 x 8024N
Notes This was one of the best AC Plano type radio sets made by Philips India. It had a separate bass and treble amplification control.Inspite of using only 1X EL84 and 2X EBC81 the sound Quality was just Superb.The Low frquency response was from the speaker AD3800X=5 Ohms and the High Frequency response from the speaker AD3700AM- 800 Ohms speaker connected to the primary of the output transformer through capacitors. Two Separate Gang Condensers were used. One with special shaped vanes for the band spread bands and the other for the rest 3-bands.Both the Gang conensers were coupled by thread.It also had a Band Width Control for removing interference from nearby stations.Electricaly it was identical to B6CA37A/01. There was a change in the cabinet and the Tone control switch was mounted on the top right instead of in the centre.
Data source Pandu Rajan

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