Brand Philips
Type B6CA86A
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Pandu Rajan    
Year 1961
Power 80 W
Bands Sw1: 11.3-17.7 m
Sw2: 18.2-28.3 m
Sw3: 29.8-46.87 m
Sw4: 46.1-93.75 m
Mw: 185.2-580 m
IF 1 452 KHz
Cabinet Wood
Controls Top --- Press Button Tone- P.U., Radio, Mellow,Orch & Speech, Bottom -- Bass Control , Volume Control,Press Button Bands - OFF,MW,SW4,SW3,SW2 &SW1, Ferroceptor Orientation with Switch, Tuning , Tr
Speaker AD3700A - Z=800Ohm & AD3700AM - Z= 800 Ohms
Price Rs1100
Tubes EF89
2 X EL86
Dial 2 X 8024N-07
Notes This was another high Quality AC radio set manufactured by Philips in India.It was the first radio set with Tranformerless output stage with 2 X EL86 combination.The Speakers were having Coil Impedance of 800 Ohms.It had separate bass and treble amplification. The sound quality was very good.It was also one of the first PLANO type radio set manufactured by Philips.
Data source Pandu Rajan

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