Brand Philips
Type B6X63A
Year 1956
Power 110-127-145-165-220-245 VAC 95 W
Bands SW 16,5-50,5m, MW 186-576m, LW 870-2000m, FM 87,5-100 MHz
IF 1 452 KHz
IF 2 10,7 MHz
Cabinet Wood
Size 64 x 43 x 23,6 cm
Controls Low, High, Volume, Tuning, 6 switches (Power, PU, LW, MW, SW, FM)
Speaker AD3500M + 9748M (5 Ohm)
Tubes FM Mixer ECC85
AM Mixer, FM MF-Amplifier ECH81
MF-Ampl EF89
MF-Amp EF85
Detector and AF-amplifier EABC80
Output EL84
Output EL84
Tuning-indicator EM80
Rectifier EZ80
Dial 2x 8024N-778
Notes This is the bigger brother of the B5x63A. This one is of the true bi-ampli kind and features seperate bass and treble amplification. A lot of Philips' radio's carried the bi-ampli sign without realy being worth it because of the absence of this seperate bass and treble amplification, in this case the bi-ampli sign was no more than a marketing trick to suggest better sound performance. The sound of this set is very good with a thick bass.
Data source Elwin de Jong
Service documentationThe service documentation can be downloaded from Radiotechniek en Restauratie

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