Brand Philips
Type BX433A
Source: Otto's radio en TV museum Source: Otto's radio en TV museum  
Year 1954
Bands LW: 1200-2000 m
MW: 200-550 m
SW: 25-50 m
FM: 87,5-100 MHz
Cabinet Bakelite
Tubes FM Mixer ECC85
AM Mixer, FM IF-Amplifier ECH81
IF-Amp EBF80
IF-Amp EF85
Detector and IF-amplifier EABC80
Output EL84
Rectifier EZ80
Notes A middleclass radio from Philips. This one is not equipped with an magic-eye indicator tube, probably to keep its price low although in 1954 an EM80 electron ray tube wasn't really a very expensive extra feature for such a radio, probably Philips had to do this because their dutch customers were always willing to save some pennies if they could.
Data source Elwin de Jong
Service documentationThe service documentation can be downloaded from Radiotechniek en Restauratie

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