Brand Philips
Type BX505AV
Source: Gerard's Radio Corner Source: Gerard's Radio Corner  
Year 1950
Power AC (90-220V) or 6V car battery, 28W.
Bands Bands: LW (800-2000m)
MW (185-580m)
Tropical Band (49-150m)
4x SW (32-50.5m, 21-32m, 16.5-26m, 11-17.5 m).
Cabinet Bakelite with painted wood motif.
Size 50x31x23 cm
Price Fl 420,-
Tubes ECH21 (mixer)
EAF41 (IF)
EAF41 (det and AF)
EL42 (output)
AZ1 (rect).
Notes Text below taken from Gerard's Radio Corner: In the late forties Philips started a series of excellent multiband shortwave radios. Examples of these include the BX690A and BX591A. Somehow it appears to me that in that time shortwave listening was quite popular, at least in the design of the radios shortwave capabilities received much more attention. It was the time of decolonization for the Netherlands, as Indonesia got it's independence around that time. But still we had many people going to Asia for several years. Needless to say that good shortwave radios were vital for those emigrants to keep in touch with their home country. The BX505AV was especially suited for the (by then ex) colonies for more than one reason. The receiving range was extended to no less than seven bands, and a Tropical Band (50-150m) was included. Here this band was called VisserijGolf (Fisher's Band) because it was used by sea vessels as well at the time for their communications. But also on the high frequencies this model is more extended: it goes as high as 11m, which makes it receive the 27Mc Citizens Band.
Data source Gerard's Radio Corner
Service documentationThe service documentation can be downloaded from Radiotechniek en Restauratie

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