Brand Philips
Type BX998A
Year 1955
Bands LW (870-2000 m)
MW (185-580 m)
SW1 (57.5-185 m)
SW2 (20-59 m)
SW3 (11.3-20.4m)
FM (3-3.43 m).
IF 1 452 kHz
IF 2 10,7 MHz
Cabinet Wood
Weight 27kg
Controls Volume, tuning, bass, treble & bandwidth, antenna rotate, fine tune (SW2/SW3), tune local MW, Pushbuttons for LW, MW, local MW, SW1, SW2, SW3, phono, FM quality, FM sensitive, power
Price Approx Fl 1200,-
Tubes BF80 (RF stage AM)
ECH81 (mixer AM)
EF80 (RF stage FM)
EC92 (mixer FM)
EF89 (1st IF)
EBF80 (2nd IF, det AM)
EF85 (3rd IF, FM)
EAA91 (det FM)
ECC83 (preamp AF and trebles driver)
EBC41 (bass driver)
2xPL81 (bass output)
EL84 (trebles output)
Dial 15 dial and pilot lights
Data source Gerard's Radio Corner
Service documentationThe service documentation can be downloaded from Radiotechniek en Restauratie

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